• Exploring the Rich Tradition of Raffia in the Philippines

    In the Philippines, raffia isn’t just a material; it’s a vibrant part of the country’s cultural tapestry, deeply woven into the fabric of everyday life. Derived from the fibers of the raffia palm, this versatile material has been utilized for…

  • Raffia wall decor

    Elevate Your Space with Raffia Boho Wall Decor

      Incorporating natural elements has become a timeless trend that continues to captivate enthusiasts. Raffia wall decor has recently emerged as a popular choice for adding warmth and texture to living spaces. One particularly charming application of raffia is in…

  • Handmade Raffia Hats For Beach Getaways

    When you’re going to the beach, you want to stand out. That’s why these handcrafted raffia hats are such a great choice. You can accessorize your outfit with these hats and make sure that everyone knows that you’re ready for…

  • Handmade Raffia Pendant Lamp

    If you want to achieve a boho look in your room or place, our chic diversified raffia pendant lamp designs may be  the right choice.  Our style is inspired by tropical trends and natural raw materials called raffia. You can…

  • Raffia Belt Bag

    Raffia Belt Bag Crocheted

    Keep your hands free with our classy and eco-friendly raffia belt bag available in different shades.

  • Round Fringe Raffia Placemats

    Round Fringe Raffia Placemats for Festive Dining Table

    If you are looking for a unique, colorful themed festive placemats for your dining table then fringe raffia placemats will fit you well. These eco-friendly placemats comes in different color for you to match your style.