Who Are We?

Hi, welcome to our online handmade craft shop, Talulabell! We are so happy to finally put up our own online craft shop and thrilled to finally make our own products.  We have our own artisans who lives in a small community, we provide them with sewing machines to give them responsibility and meaningful employment. In today’s modern world, the creation of handicrafts has lessened a lot mainly because of the introduction of new technology. We are one of those communities that practice the traditional production process with good quality.

Our Artisan

We wanted this simple business to have a big impact to our fellow artisans who needs to be recognize and show their innate talent for art and craft to our fellow Filipinos and internationally.

We have our own weavers for doormats, baskets and bags. We also have a small number of artisans who sew and make the finishing touch on the bags.

Right now we still continue looking for talented artisans to be part of our team.



Quality From The Heart

We love to be inspired all the time and think of new and creative designs to create. All of our products are designed and made by real and creative people(friends and us!), not made by factories.  We practice quality craftsmanship to stay in the business longer, to make us proud of our work and to create a trustworthy line of native products.

Our business is now strongly running for more than 5 years now, we started last April 2013, and we plan to stay in the business for the coming more years.

Hope you have a lovely time visiting our online shop. (“,)


If you want to order from us, please send us a message on our email: talulabell1204@gmail.com